Procurement and sourcing are important factor to consider in international business today because of the large benefits. We have longstanding experience in the ever changing international arena. We know the risks and the benefits. With a comprehensive strategy, availability of material and services at the right time, quality and the lowest cost can be assured.   Through balancing the demands of both internal and external customers with economic considerations, while using new technology and innovative techniques, Chishti Trading is able to add great value. We work with large numbers of contacts and providers in Asia and Latin- America in leveraging their global presence and sourcing strategies to offer value to their customers. We also see an increase in small businesses making use of our services as we are able to pool resources with peer companies by forming partnerships to lower their procurement costs. For every company we develop a unique and specific strategy to make sure we achieve the result desired by our clients. Our goals is to help our customers sustain their competitive advantage by keeping costs low, providing goods and services efficiently and effectively, and drawing on the innovation and quality insights of their suppliers. We offer innovative solutions the unique personal attention to our clients.  Our mission is to become the best textile producer and supplier in Latin America. We focus on long-term relationships with our clients and always make sure they receive the best quality possible. Please email us at  or call: (507) 6969-0713, Apartado Postal 0816-0674 We are located at: Calle Elvira Méndez, Edificio Torre Delta, 2do. Piso Oficina No. l-A, Ciudad de Panamá, República de Panamá. ©2014 Chishti Trading. All rights reserved.  |  Disclaimer Design: Jasper Steenhuis